Grow your online business with subscriptions

Bundle offers a powerful, yet simple subscription integration for Shopify merchants—so you can grow recurring revenue and keep users engaged.

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Subscriptions platform built with both Merchants and Shoppers in mind.

Easy setup

We integrate with your existing Shopify store easily. Most popular themes have a one-click install.

Lowest fees

We believe your success is our success. Because of that, our fees are the lowest in the industry.

Full control

Bundle provides flexibility and control of subscriptions settings for Merchants and Shoppers alike.

Get up and running in no time

Easily add subscriptions to your store with our automated installation process—so you can get back to better things like running your business.

Subscription anything

Bundle is the perfect subscription app for your online business. Whether it’s consumables, clothing, health, or beauty—You dream it, we’ll help you make it a reality.